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  • Edge milling machine
  • Edge milling machine
  • Edge milling machine
  • Edge milling machine

Edge milling machine

Edge milling machine is a kind of new mechanical equipment which was invented in 2000 by my company, absorbing the advanced milling instead of shaving technology. Being the ideal equipment of edge milling machine ,which is applied to the industry such as boiler, pressure vessel industry, ship-making, oil engineering machinery, bridge construction, steel from, steel structure, metallurgical machinery,wind power and so on.It can shape the edge of stainless steel, carbon steel plate’s groove edge, bevel edge, straight edge and U edge for the first time.



XBJ Milling machine adopts high-speed milling working principle to make groove of working pieces before welding. It is mainly categorized as Automatic-Walking Steel Sheet Milling Machine, Large-Scale Milling Machine and CNC Steel Sheet Milling Machine etc.

Here are some feasures:

1. Unique driving function

2. Stabilizing Machining Accuracy of Special Devices

3. Available to cut special Metal Materials

4. Advanced cutting tools and long-term supply of different blades

Miling machine can advance the efficiency and accuracy, but cheaper and can cost saving by more than 70%. The operation and repair is simple and convenient.It can be equipped with self-making knife and has many angles such as 0-45, 80 ,90 degree. And we can design special Edge milling machine according to the demands.

Edge milling machine has been seen in a 20 years’ splendid history, and its products are well received by the   customers in China and abroad. We have a few models for choice, which are XBJ-4, XBJ-6, XBJ-9, XBJ-12, XBJ-16, XBJj-18, XBJ-20, XBJ-25 and XBJ-25.


Application Field

  • Steam Boiler

  • Storage Pressure Vessel

  • B-Beam

Technical Parameter

Main technical  parameters

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