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The automatic welding center is used in combination with a welding manipulator, automatic submerged arc welding machine, welding rotator, or welding positioner, mainly to realize the trinity linkage control, suitable for the assembly and welding of large tanks, cylinders, etc. For welding, the automatic welding center has the function of welding tracking and monitoring. Not only that, but also functions such as arc swing, arc length control, automatic flux laying, and recovery can be configured.

Welding auxiliary equipment for pressure vessel

Factories generally use automatic welding centers to weld different types of welds of metal containers and metal welded components, such as pressure vessels, boilers, refrigeration equipment, power plant construction, metallurgical construction, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, In terms of wind towers, petrochemical construction, etc., automatic welding centers can effectively solve problems.

The automatic welding center mainly contains three welding auxiliary equipment, even if these three welding auxiliary equipment are used separately, their effect is immeasurable:

Welding manipulator

The welding manipulator is also called the welding cross. This equipment mainly uses the swivel function of the cross arm and the column to change and fine-tune the welding seam position of the welding workpiece. The cross arm adopts an AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation device to achieve a stable speed in the entire process, and an electric cross fine-tuning device is installed in the head of the welding manipulator to achieve precise welding of some difficult-to-weld positions. , Fengwei is equipped with a sliding safety device, and it also comes with the function of preventing the chain from breaking, which improves the safety of the entire welding process to the safest level.

Welding manipulator

Welding rotator

Fengwei welding rotator includes self-aligning type, flat-car type, tiltable type, anti-channeling and explosion-proof type, special type, etc., according to the use of different workpieces in different industries, our engineers have been constantly updating and exploring, and have achieved industry-specific Or a special welding rotator with perfect matching of the workpiece can realize the design and manufacture of super large tonnage in order to ensure the welding demand, and it can also realize the walking function of the welding rotator.

welding rotator

Welding positioner

Fengwei is specialized in the design and manufacture of welding positioners. The whole workflow is mainly through the turnover and rotation of the worktable so that the workpiece fixed on the worktable can reach the required welding angle or assembly position safely. And for some irregular welding workpieces, Fengwei provides the most suitable solution for free design and research of workpieces.

Variety of welding positioner

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