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Overview of Box Girder Production Line

The steel box girder production line designed by Fengwei Machinery is a specialized welding line to produce box shaped steel structure. With reference of advanced automation technology and years of industry experience, we independently developed this steel structure production line for box shaped beam. 

While the quantity of steel structure industry is explosively growing, the steel box girder production line is favored and widely used by our clients in the field of steel structure fabrication. Meanwhile, after generations of improvements, the box beam production line produced by Fengwei has become the most perfect and reliable automation equipment in the domestic and foreign markets.

Steel box girder is generally composed of cover plates, flanges, bottom and partitions, and is one of the main material types used in steel structure building construction. The load-bearing frame is made of box-shaped cross section columns and H-shaped beams, and the materials are all made of Q345B steel. The components or parts are usually connected by welds, bolts or rivets. They have merits of high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, and easy construction. Therefore, with strict quality standards and high output of steel box girder, the box beam production line is the best choice.

Related Machine of Box Girder Production Line

Equipments offered by Fengwei Machinery for Steel box girder production line

l Vertical diaphragm assembly machine

l U-shaped beam assembly machine

l Cantilever submerged arc welding machine

l Gantry type box beam welding line

l End face milling machine

Application of Box Girder

With the wide application of steel structure, box shaped steel structure has become a general trend of prior choice for building construction. The box beam has many merits, such as convenient installation, light weight, beautiful appearance, firm structure, and quick production. Reasonable work flow of box-shaped steel structure can reduce uncertain factors especially the quality of components, and ensure the orderly production of components.

The steel box-shaped structure is widely used in the construction of bridges, factories, stadiums, super high-rise buildings and other construction projects. Do you know any famous buildings adopting box column structures?

l Eiffel Tower in Paris

l Kuala Lumpur Petronas Twin Towers

l New York Empire State Building

l London Millennium Dome

l San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

l Arch

l Sydney Opera House

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