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Exploring some useful tips for choosing a perfect welding rotator

Speaking about a Welding Rotator or welding positioner, it is a special type of equipment that plays a crucial role during the process of metal welding. Such powerful and advanced machines are used for welding the workpieces in the perfect position during the welding process. For a smoother operation, a welding rotator can also be used along with the welding manipulators and other different machines.

Combing all these things, you can create automatic welding equipment. What’s more? Such machines can be utilized to efficiently rotate the other machines or workpieces throughout the manual welding process. Well, you will find different types of welding rotators on the market. However, you should choose one based on your welding process requirements.


Welding rotator use site

Welding rotator use site


What do you mean by a welding rotator?

A powerful welding rotator is a perfect tool for making it quite easier to weld various objects, including pipes. These machines can easily handle large-size as well as small-size welding works. Besides, you will save time by using different moving metal pieces to combine together. The machine leaves your hands free, and you can constantly focus on your welding activities.

You can find advanced machines that can easily rotate different steelworks having cylindrical vessels. Whether it is industrial cylindrical vessels or a small diameter piping manufacturing, you can always trust a powerful welding rotator for any welding project.


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New machine production of welding rotator


The processing flow and the technology

In general, all most all the welding rotators are processed by boring or milling machines. However, others are matched through today’s welding technology.  The advanced boring and milling machines make sure that the base frame and the swingarm of the welding rotators are in perfect position and the precision level is good. The error of accuracy is generally measured by the Hair Slice. However, some others are measured in millimeters.

How do such machines can help you?

An adjustable welding rotator works great in the manufacturing fabrication sector. The machines are designed and developed in such a way that they can lower the machine handling requirements and enhance efficiency. Besides, they can dramatically boost up the workmanship quality among all skill levels. However, to enjoy the best results, you need to choose the best machines that can perfectly match your unique requirements? How to choose a perfect Welding Rotator? Well, here are some tips that you can follow. Have a look.


adjustable welding rotatoradjustable welding rotator


Tips for buying a right welding rotator

Ø You need to understand your purpose in buying a welding rotator. Here you need to consider what type of actions that you want the product to attain on the machine, for example, rotation, lifting, or translation. Besides, you should also consider whether you want to attain an intermittent rotation, continuous rotation, curve, or linear translation.

Ø Another important thing to consider here is that whether to buy an electric-operated or manual-operated Welding Rotator? Sometimes, buying a machine with CNC control. For example, when the workpiece that you are working on is lightweight, you can carry out the task using a manual welding positioner. If the weight of the workpiece is more than 300kg, then go for an automatic welding positioner. If you want to enjoy better accuracy, then it is advisable to use a machine that has the numerical control feature.

Ø Don’t forget to check the speed limit of the machine. Well, there are multiple specifications of the welding positioner, and based on that, the speed of the machine will also vary. So, before getting one, you need to know the speed of the machine you are buying. Remember that the speed of the machine will affect the welding quality. Here, you need to understand whether you need a machine with a constant speed or a machine where you can change the speed. If it is a machine where the speed can be changed, then you need to decide whether it is step-less or stepped.

Ø You need to clarify the transmission accuracy and stability requirements of the machine. If you are looking for a machine to automate your welding process, then choose one that can offer high precision. Besides, you can also choose a gear drive or worm drive.

Ø Buying a Welding Rotator with the self-locking feature can be a great idea. This function is important to ensure maximum safety during the welding process. If the machines lack a self-locking function, then the machine can fall on the workers.

Ø It is also important to see whether the manufacturer of the welding positioner offers machines with limited functionalities. Besides, you need to see whether the machine comes with a limited position device. Using the limit device, you can easily control the inclination angle of the machine.

Ø On the other hand, the relationship between the welding rotators’ maximum load and the center and the eccentricity distance should be clarified. Why? Well, when you turn the machine to a particular angle, there will be a change in the load capacity of the machine. For example, when the machines are turned to around 90-degree, the maximum load capacity can come down to 5T from 10T.

Ø Some welding rotators are designed in such a way that they can be linked with other machines, for example, pipeline welding center or welding manipulator. However, before choosing one, make sure that the connection between the welding manipulator and the rotator can be established conveniently.

Ø You should also understand the reputation as well as the strength of the welding positioner manufacturer. You should find out whether the suppliers have some relevant licenses or certifications? Can the machine be customized based on your welding requirements? In how many days will you get the machine? Does the company offer after-sales services? Consider all these things and buy the machine wisely.  

A perfect place to buy a quality welding rotator

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