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  • Self-Aligning Turning Roller
  • Self-Aligning Turning Roller
  • Self-Aligning Turning Roller
  • Self-Aligning Turning Roller
  • Self-Aligning Turning Roller
  • Self-Aligning Turning Roller

Self-Aligning Turning Roller

As a kind of welding rotator, the self-aligning turning roller mainly uses the mutual friction between the welding workpiece and the active roller to drive the rotation of the animal parts to achieve the function of assembly and welding. Its composition structure is different from other types. There is a set of the main units and a set of auxiliary units. Through the active welding rotator and passive welding rotator, each group of four rollers works with each other, and the welder can judge the size of the cylinder. To adjust itself.



The roller of the self-aligning turning roller adopts a built-in iron core and external rubber protection so that the machine can withstand wear and tear during long hours of work. This is also one of the advantages of our machine: durability, shock absorption, and noise reduction.

Generally speaking, our Self-aligning turning roller rotates synchronously through two sets of worm gearboxes, and the speed regulating motor adopts a continuously variable speed controller, and the whole working process achieves environmentally friendly noiseless. For workpieces with different weights and centers of gravity, different models are selected. It is mainly to ensure that the working range between each weight cannot exceed the maximum diameter.

Self-aligning turning roller safety rules:

1. Self-aligning turning roller should be installed on relatively dry, dust-proof, stable, and firm ground when choosing the installation place. Remember not to install on the steep ground to avoid the danger of the workpiece slipping during use.

2. It is strictly forbidden to drip and splash all kinds of corrosive liquids on the fuselage.

3. Under special circumstances, the maximum acceptable temperature of the rubber wheel is 75 degrees, and the position of the rubber wheel should be kept at room temperature to avoid damage to it, resulting in inaccurate accuracy or the risk of objects falling during the welding process.

4. When installing, you should refer to the installation manual: mainly refer to the diameter and weight of the workpiece. If you are not sure, you can get in touch with us, and our engineers will solve it for you the first time.

5. When the workpiece is used in the Self-aligning turning roller, it is necessary to ensure that the contact surface of the workpiece and the welding rotator is in full contact. When placing the workpiece, it should be placed on the welding rotator gently. It is strictly forbidden to hit the welding rotator. The body is unstable or some equipment of the machine is malfunctioning.

6. To ensure the long-term use of the machine, the machine should be checked regularly and the log should be recorded. When using it, lubricate the various transmission parts of the Self-aligning turning roller.

7. During the use of the Self-aligning turning roller, larger workpieces need to be slowly adjusted from low speed to turning, and when adjusting the position, you need to wait for the motor to stop before continuing.

8. It is forbidden to stand people within the radius of the workpiece rotation when the machine is adjusting its position.

self-aligning turning roller

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